No, I am not a 90’s kid—I missed the ability to be labeled as that by being born one year too late. Still, though, I’ve gotten my fair share of exposure to those days through television, movies, and music; and let’s not forget the recreations of 90’s style by many modern designers, who also believe that 90’s fashion—the majority of it, anyways—must never be forgotten. So without further ado, let’s read about the decade of fashion trends which thrived before the turn of the century—and have yet to go away.

1. Chokers:

It’s pretty evident among plenty of girls these days, but chokers have been making a not-so-subtle comeback for the past few years now. It’s hard to spot a teenage girl or woman without one on if you get around on a day to day basis, and even I have a few myself. Some may say the choker is overrated, but I don’t think anything—when worn perfectly—can be deemed such a label. 

2.  High Waisted Jeans 

Again, it’s hard to go out these days without seeing a pair of high waisted jeans resting on the hips of many of today’s women and teens. High-waisted jeans are not only comfortable, but flattering as well—they accentuate and create the bombshell look of curvy hips, and they elongate your legs to make them totally envy-worthy. A win/win situation!

3. Crop Tops 

 Need I say more? Crop tops were around before the 90’s, of course, and decades later, they’re still here—this style definitely isn’t going away anytime soon!

4. The Slip Dress


As mentioned in a past post about the rise of the slip dress trend, slip dresses are the ultimate definition of effortless and chic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up and actually be able to post a mirror selfie hours later with the hashtag #wokeuplikethis—and actually mean it?  

There are many more lovable trends from the 90’s (and countless ones that aren’t so lovable, too), but these are definitely those of which I find the easiest to wear and try out for the common individual. What are your favorites? Comment below!


Jayla (@ygjayla)

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  1. Great post – I’ve been thinking about getting a choker again, but not sure yet! haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ygjayla says:

      Haha, I definitely recommend them! I’m definitely not a fan of the ones that look like dog collars, but I love the ones with pendants or details in the fabric—they really add great detail to your overall look 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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