These days, relationships rarely ever (and sometimes never) involve much face to face action. Instead, it’s all about the electronic forms of communication: text messaging, DMing, snapchat messaging—you name it. 

Many of the young adults of this generation have developed the ability to detect feelings without even being in the same room as the person they’re speaking to, like whether or not the person we’re texting likes us or not. Naturally, when they don’t respond to our text by the end of the day, it’s obvious that something’s going on—after all, most of us have our phones in our hands every second of every day, and chances are we didn’t simply not text back because we didn’t even know that they’d texted us in the first place. 

So, what would we avoid saying or doing if we knew that person wouldn’t respond to our messages, and what excuses have we made as to why we ourselves never responded? Keep reading to find out a multitude of answers my own peers have given me as to why they never responded, or why they told the person they never did—and learn from other people’s mistakes!

1) “When they aren’t the ones who keep the conversation going, or text one word responses. It’s clear that they don’t want to keep it up.” – Lauren M.  

2) “He asked me for nudes.” – Anonymous 

3) “He asked me if I was a virgin.” – Rebecca B. 

4) “This guy was upfront and hella sexual, and it was so creepy. I was texting him for like a couple of days, and then all of a sudden he kept saying how aroused and stuff he was. No thanks!” – Anonymous 

5) “I forgot to.” – Adeya W. 

6) “I don’t like to text.” – Anonymous 7

7) “He was dry.” – Christine C-L. 

8) “The conversation was dead.” – Adeya W. 

9) “I have homework.” – Anonymous 

10) “…Or he’s trash.” – Anonymous 

10) “Because you say something weird and you think it would be better to just stop talking.” – Dyani W. 

11) “He asked to play 21 Questions.” – Every girl to ever walk the earth 

12) “He responded in one word.” (In case you realized by now—girls don’t like one word responses!) – Christine C-L. 

14) “He only talked about my boobs.” – Anonymous 

15) “I wasn’t tryna be a h*e no more.” – Anonymous

14) “He never asked me about myself.” – Christine C-L. 

15) “I died.” (presumably, this was a joke?) Miles O. 

16) “He’s a h*e, or he’s known to get around.” – Anonymous 

17) “He said send nudes, and I got that ‘hell naw’.” – Justin T., more commonly known by his soundcloud name, Alpha Elephant 

18) “Once I lw curved him, and he snapped asking me if I wanted to buy him Xanax.” – Ruby McQ. 

19) “You’re nervous and you end the conversation, even though you shouldn’t have.” – Dyani W. 

19)  “Ooh, one time this guy texted me and asked me to hang out and was really insisting and so then I was like ‘Can’t…I’m visiting my grandma in the hospital’ and he said ‘awww take a picture’ and so I asked my grandma to lie down and close her eyes for the photo.” – Ruby McQ. 

20) “I was in the shower. Three days later, I just responded with ‘sorry, I was in the shower’. He then asked me to send a photo. Honestly, I would’ve rather had him get mad at me for coming up with such a lame excuse.” – Anonymous 

21) “A guy asked for nudes, and I said I sprained my hip so I had a cast thing on and they wouldn’t be good pictures.” – Ruby McQ. 

22) “I told him I was egyptian, and he asked to see my ‘nefer-t*tties’.” – Anonymous

23) “He told me he liked country music. Enough has been said.”Anonymous

22) “He responded with ‘Ok’. That’s the ultimate endgame.” – Anonymous

And with that being said, ‘Ok’—the list has ended! There are thousands of reasons and excuses we make as to why we don’t text back, but chances are it’s definitely not entirely our fault. Then again, we could always do things the old fashioned way—speaking to one another in person is a great way to be straightforward and to really tell how someone’s feeling. 

What are the reasons you never texted back? Comment below! 


Jayla (@ygjayla)

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