If there’s any makeup item I probably couldn’t live without next to the brow pencil, then it’s definitely mascara. Nice eyelashes are something I have an extremely keen eye (no pun intended) for, and I’m not sure why—I just know that somewhere, along my path of makeup-wearing, mascara and emphasizing my lashes as much as I could became extremely important to me. 

Naturally, I have large eyes/eyelids, which is extremely uncommon—so this trick could actually work ten times better for you than it does me. My eyelashes are average length, if not rather short. They aren’t very curly, either—so whenever someone approaches me and tells me that my eyelashes look like falsies or compliments them, I’m nothing but surprised. I’ve even tried wearing false eyelashes, individual and sets of them, but to no avail—the outcome made no difference in the way my eyelashes looked when I put on only mascara and curled them. 

Here is a photo, very up close and personal, of my eyes—the only makeup I have on them is mascara. I repeat: the only makeup. (the day I took this, people asked me what eyeliner I was wearing). 


Granted, I didn’t just swipe on the mascara and end up with these results, but whatever I did to them has still lead friends and family to think, half of the time, that they aren’t real. (My mother once told me that she didn’t want me wearing mascara, because my lashes looked fake.) So, without further ado, here’s what I do to get this look for my lashes! 

1. Make sure they’re completely bare. When your eyelashes are free of any product, the mascara wand is able to swipe through them and cover each individual lash with an equal amount of the substance itself. Think about it like brushing tangled hair and how much harder that is than brushing clean hair, except this isn’t the hair on your head, but rather the hair on your eyelids. Pretty simple, right?

2. Curl them.  Again, this is simple—curling your lashes makes them stand out more and appear longer, simply because people are able to see them better. Tip: if you don’t have a lash curler available, then a metal spoon will do—read all about that here. You have to be extremely careful when doing this, though—curling your eyelashes too much can cause you to pull them out, so do it slowly, softly, and surely. 

3. Apply the mascara. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the world of various mascara’s is pretty large, and I find myself totally baffled by it. Personally, when shopping for Mascara, I can’t decide what I want, so I don’t limit myself to just one option—I use both Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara for volume, and L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara for length. Discover what mascara is best for you here

4. Curl them, again. Many of you are probably cringing right now, and at the idea of curling my eyelashes twice, I once did, too—until I actually tried it. This is definitely not a necessary step, but it makes your lashes look two times longer than they would if you just curled them once. The only downside of this is that mascara may get stuck onto your eyelash curler, so you have to always make sure to clean it off, and you have to carefully remove the curling wand from your lashes so that your lashes don’t come off with it.

5. Done! And that wasn’t too hard, was it? Remember to always avoid rubbing your eyes when wearing mascara, because not only does it ruin the mascara and give you total raccoon-eyes, but it’s also a guaranteed way for you to pull out tons of your precious eyelashes. When removing your mascara at the end of the day with a makeup wipe, always be carful not to pull at your lashes, but to softly wipe them in a repeated downwards motion from the lash-line forward—this will keep your eyelashes healthier and in tact. 

Hope this helped! What are your usual mascara routines? 

All the best, 

Jayla (@ygjayla)

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