One of the latest trends in the makeup/beauty industry of today is, ironically, making it look like you have none on at all. It seems rather counterintuitive, I know, however many of today’s popular celebrities—Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes, and more—pull it off effortlessly, and have inspired us slightly more average folk to attempt to do the same. 

Wearing little to no makeup is something models get in the habit of from the very beginning, as most industries require such a look for their polaroids in order to know what they’re working with. But models, like us humans, have bad days as well—so what happens when they wake up the day of a casting call with bags under their eyes, or a random dark spot dotted on their skin? Read below to find out the essential products to master the effortless “no-makeup makeup” look. 

  1. Skincare:


Before anything is put on your skin, you should always try to make sure that your skin is in the best possible state that it can be in in order to avoid messing it up even more by applying makeup. This includes whatever you may deem necessary; from washing your face to resting with a face mask on it for hours. Read up on the best skincare products for your skin here. (Depending on your skin type, you may have to do a little extra research—try googling ‘best skincare products for oily skin’, etc.)   




2. Prime:


Makeup primer, similar to that of paint primer  is used to smooth out any crevices or pores in the skin so that foundation/concealer can be applied smoothly and evenly afterwords to leave the skin looking flawless. There are primers for all different skin types—oily to dry, and everything in between. Shop the best primers of the year 2016 here

2. Conceal:


It’s pretty disputed upon, but most makeup professionals have suggested applying concealer before applying foundation. Think of the application of concealer before foundation sort of like wearing a bra under your shirt rather than wearing it over—either way, your boobs are still held in place, but it’s much less obvious and way better looking when you have your bra on under the shirt so that others can’t see it. Concealer is like this in the sense that it’s created to hide certain marks on your face, so that once you apply foundation, those marks are concealed. That being said, concealer can be used to conceal  anything—dark circles, under-eye bags, etc. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Read more on how to use concealer here

3. Foundation:


Much aforementioned, foundation is an essential for many people who wear makeup on a daily basis, models and celerities included. The big idea of foundation is to choose a color that’s as close to your natural skin tone as can be in order to make your facial complexion look even, smooth, and in some cases, completely flawless. There are all kinds foundations for all different types of skins, so read about that here. There are also all different kinds of ways to apply foundation—with a brush, a pad, a beauty blender, etc.—and, if you get as confused about the methods that I do, then read about which is best for you here

4. Eyebrows 

If you’re anything like me, then you may find yourself somewhat upset with the natural state of your eyebrows; whether it’s the shape that bothers you, or the fact that they may be too thick or too sparse. I find that I still like to go the natural-looking path when filling them in, and so do many models known for their to-die-for natural eyebrows such as Taylor Hill, Cara Delevingne, and Jasmine Tookes. 

Eyebrows are, to many, one of the most (if not THE most) important steps of the entire makeup routine. This is because they can change everything about the way you look for better or for worse, so making sure you have the right shape is extremely important (read about how to find yours here). For some, all their eyebrows require is a quick brush-through with a spoolie/eyebrow brush or a wax pencil to make the hairs stay in place (and look fuller). Depending on how you fill your eyebrows in, they can look completely fake, or they can look so natural that people won’t believe you when you tell them they aren’t. To read about how to master the natural/fuller eyebrow look, click here

5. Lips 

To achieve a no-makeup look in terms of lips, I wouldn’t go any further than choosing a tinted chapstick or a clear lipgloss, otherwise it’ll usually be obvious that something is on them. Colored lipstick, in my opinion, for a makeup-less look is a no-no. To make sure your lips look extra hydrated and perfectly plump, exfoliating them before applying any product with a designated scrub is always a fantastic idea. 

6. Eyes

For the eyes, I personally don’t do much if I’m aiming for a “no-makeup” look—nothing more than clear mascara and an eyelash curler is a requirement, in my opinion. Some can get away with wearing eyeliner and mascara and having it look perfectly natural, however unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. If you are, though, lucky you!

Hopefully some of you found this helpful. Remember: when applying makeup, it’s always important to remember that you’re beautiful being you, no matter who or what you are!

‘Til next time, 

Jayla (@ygjayla

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  1. ugh I kind of hate the no makeup makeup look…if I want to do no makeup I just won’t wear makeup😭😭😭 this was a good post though x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ygjayla says:

      Lol! that’s always an option, too. Thank you!


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