Ironically, there virtually is no such thing. Sure, it gets a little chilly, and it gets fairly windy, too—but to give you a sense of what I mean, I should inform you of the fact that as I’m writing this post, I’m sunbathing at Stinson Beach (attempting to rid my poor legs of a horrible knee tan—you’ll probably see it in the photos below), and it’s currently 84 degrees outside. 

To me, autumn doesn’t really feel like it kicks in until around mid-October/early November, and then the California weather decides that it’s done flirting with us—it becomes time to zip on an ultra-light down jacket and your favorite boots whenever you step out the house. 

To be honest, however, weather in the Bay Area is extremely unpredictable. For instance, I ventured out to San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Park with a friend of mine yesterday, expecting the city to be overcast—it practically was all summer long, for Christ’s sake—but we were greeted with sunny skies and pleasant weather. 

Nevertheless, I still explored the “Central Park of San Fransisco” clad in fairly autumnal attire—my favorite black turtleneck, a faux suede miniskirt, cozy wool socks, and classic black booties. 

As aforementioned, Golden Gate Park is the Central Park of San Fransisco. It’s extremely large and runs through nearly half of the city, and filled with various attractions such as the Japanese Tea Gardens, the DeYoung Museum, and the fascinating California Academy of Sciences. 

I went for a walk around the landscaping surrounding DeYoung Museum, since I vaguely remembered eating lunch there in fifth grade on a field trip and how beautiful it was. I’d been meaning to visit it since then—so, six years later, there I was. 

There are state of the art sculptures of Lions and Sphynx’s planted among verduous bushes and pink flowers, and a pond where lily pads rested at the surface of the water. The landscaping was so gorgeous that we saw a family being photographed by a professional photographer, and across the road at the Japanese Tea Garden, a wedding was taking place—Golden Gate Park was, and is, certainly the place to be on a rare, sunny Saturday in San Francisco. 

All the best!


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