So, Summer is over (sob!). But that doesn’t mean the season of showing off our shaven (probably not for long) legs and figure-flaunting dresses has to be—in fact, for those who prefer the looser sweater dresses over the thin sundresses, it’s just begun. Fall is (and always has been) my favorite season—and, like the majority of us who don’t live for pumpkin spice lattes (no, I’ve never had one. Sue me.), it’s because of more than just the food and flavors.

Unless it’s the flavor of style that we’re discussing—which, in this post, we are. I might be a little biased towards the season because my birthday rests in it, but that doesn’t mean I would love it any less if my birthday was in the winter, or the spring—fall is the season that gives us an excuse to look cozy and chic, all the while feeling super comfortable. So, without further ado, here are my favorite fashion trends for this fall!

  1. Knee High Boots:

Practically a universal favorite, I like to consider the knee high boot a lifesaver—seriously. Throw these shoes with anything, from jeans and an oversized t-shirt to a sweater-dress (or an oversized sweater, if you’re among the less fancy), and they’ll boost your entire look from “great” to “effortless stunning” in no time. Don’t believe me? Just ask some of today’s biggest models—Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Emily Ratajkowski—they do!

However, don’t let those photos fool you—knee high boots aren’t limited to dresses. Virtually anything can be paired with knee high boots; and, conveniently, they elongate those beautiful legs of yours while keeping them warm all the same! Props to the inventor of this style. 


2. Layering:

One word: warmth. Another: underrated. Layering has been both of those things, particularly the latter, ever since I learned about it. Why? Because, unlike simply zipping on those knee high boots, the whole layering thing does require a bit more of an acquired skill. Don’t worry, though—InStyle has got us covered on how to get it right, and with a bit of studying up, we’ll be layering masters in no time. Until then, we can all learn from some of the best:


3. Turtlenecks:

Hard to believe, but at one point, wearing turtlenecks was considered geeky and prudish. For the past few years, however, the turtleneck has been considered one of the most popular styles out there; from shirts, to dresses, to sweaters alike. Equally hard to believe, however, is that the turtleneck has gone from being prudish to mysteriously sexy. Something about the style, when worn the correct way (and how could you go wrong?), provides others with the sense that you’re hiding a secret. And, if you’re anything like the next lady, then you love secrets.

Pair a turtleneck with anything, from your favorite pencil skirt to your favorite pair of pants, and watch yourself elevate from great-looking to effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. (Tip: when you’re aching to wear your favorite dress but the weather isn’t cooperating, try slipping a turtleneck underneath it for warmth—you might just like what you see in the mirror after!)


4. Trench coats:

Need I say more?! Picture this: New York City (or any metropolitan city, really), on a cold and rainy morning, and you’re late for the job. Well, you can’t walk out in your pajama’s, and (unfortunately) you can’t throw on sweats—and jeans and a white shirt probably won’t make the boss very happy, either. Or will it?

Literally anything can be worn with a trench coat. And by anything, I mean nothing, too—throw on a trench coat and your favorite pair of heels, nothing else, and I guarantee you that you’ll look like you spent time planning the outfit. For the less adventurous of us, though, anything is still an option for the trench coat—including, but not limited to, that pair of jeans and the white t-shirt. Try it with a t-shirt dress and sneakers, or add it to your date-night dress and favorite pair of heels. With a trench coat, you’ll go from looking casual to looking like a certified style expert. When looking at these examples, think to yourself—how different would they look without the trench coat? (A bit of a spoiler, but the answer is very). 


There are so many more things and trends to love about Fall, but these few are just some of my favorites! What are yours? 

lots of love, 


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  1. Meïtha says:

    I love your Blog girl ! Folowing you right away 😀. A little suggestion , can you try to put some link of some similar outfit that you present on your articles ? BUT LOVE LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ygjayla says:

      Thank you so much! yes, I’ll definitely try that in the future!


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