Before going into this, I should just state that I’m nowhere near a beauty guru. Seriously—  My eyebrows are usually distant cousins rather than sisters, and after applying foundation, my face to neck color ratio is pretty much comparable to Iggy Azalea’s body: 


And, as a girl on a budget, I buy pretty cheap (and, let’s be honest , low-quality) beauty products from my local drugstore—on the good side, though, that means this is all affordable. I also like to keep everything relatively simple when it comes to my face, just because that’s all I’m capable of doing—but, by the request of some friends, and for the sake of being a stereotypical blogger, I’ve agreed to publish my everyday makeup routine. 

Let’s start out with a glimpse of my bare face. (Brace yourselves!): 


Anyone with eyes can look at this photo and see that, right away, I’m very (hella, as we would say here in the bay) flawed—my skin tone is uneven, acne scars plague my skin, and (if it’s of any relevance) my edges are a complete disaster—but, with the exception of some awkwardly fading eyebrow dye and lip balm, this is me, and there’s nothing I can or care to do to in order to change the fact—so I’ve gotten over it. 

I’m not going to go into a whole deep lecture about self-love and how important it is, but I will heavily suggest that you do love yourself for the way you are, not the way society or anyone else wants you to be or look, because beauty truly is subjective and someone will always have an issue with something about you, even if you don’t. (Don’t take that personally!)

Without further ado, though, I’ll begin my makeup routine step by step, and at the end I’ll include a selfie (as though you haven’t seen one already) just so that you can compare my makeup-less face up there. 

Step 1) Prime. In order to set the surface of my skin for concealer and foundation, I prime it with Covergirl Tru Blend face primer for Oily skin (my face produces more oil than Saudi Arabia) in order to keep everything that I put on top of it from melting away. To be honest, Priming isn’t very necessary—but I always choose to do it just to be safe. 

Step 2) Eyebrows: I use a multitude of products for my eyebrows, all depending on what shape and look I want. If I’m going for something more defined and formal, then I use both my Anastasia brow pomade in the color Ebony to shape my brows, and my L’Oreal Brow Stylist Sculptor pencil in some shade of dark brown to add to the shape where there isn’t any brow hair—I’ve found that the Anastasia only really works where your actual brow hair is, but not where you want to make it seem like your brow hair is. I make everything look neat by concealing any mistakes I’ve made with my Black Radiance True Complexion concealer, and to emphasize the shape of my brows. Because I’m definitely not a fan of the heavily filled-in brows, I emphasize the actual eyebrow hair I do posses by running over it with Sonia Kashuk brow gel. 

If I desire a more natural look, then I fill in my eyebrows with my Maybelline BrowDrama palette in the shade Deep Brown, as it offers a softer look, in my opinion. I also use the brow gel, but I usually pass on the concealer. 

Step 3) Eyes: Mascara is definitely the only eye makeup I usually use, but if I’m going to wear eyeliner, I only do a slight flick at the outer corner of my eyes to make them look less round and more cat-like with a pencil.

As extra as it seems, I use two different types of mascara on my eyelashes and I curl them twice as well—once before I put on my mascara, another after—but carefully, to make sure I don’t end up pulling them out. The two types of mascara that I use are Too Faced : Better Than Sex (hands down the best mascara I’ve ever owned—so amazing that I’ve provided you with the link) in order to emphasize volume and length, and L’Oreal Telescopic in order to emphasize each single lash. 

Step 4) Conceal & Foundation: Since I’ve already applied Primer by now and allowed it to fill my pores for a smoother application of concealer and foundation, I go right into concealing before I put on foundation. I use L.A. Girl Pro Concealer to conceal certain marks on my skin, such as acne scars, pimples, the bags under my eyes and dark spots so that my skin tone is evened out before I  apply my foundation of choice, which is Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Golden Dark—I find that this is the best foundation for my oily skin. 

Step 5) Blush & Highlight: I still haven’t mastered the art of contouring and don’t think I ever will, so I never attempt to do it. It’s rare that I ever apply anything other than foundation to my skin these days, because anything else either doesn’t show up or gets wiped off (I rest my face on my hands a lot), but if I do apply something, it’s blush and/or highlight. I only highlight my nose to make it appear thinner, seeing as putting it anywhere else on my face will just make it oilier and shinier than it already is, and I apply blush just for the sake of a little pigmentation on my skin. As I said, I’m not a beauty guru—I really don’t even know what the purpose of blush is, but whatever that purpose is, praise whoever created it. 


And here we have a finished project! (I promise I’m not mad in this photo, just hungry). 

– Jayla

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  1. you’re really pretty! (and i totally feel you about eyebrows..;-;) loving your blog!x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ygjayla says:

      Thank you lovely! Glad you can relate 🙂


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