(featured photo courtesy of Grand Fare Market)

This discovery of mine began with something the majority of us can relate to—me dragging my mother out of the house because I was absolutely famished. I’d spent the entire day out with my friends on a $20 (!) budget, so in a desperate attempt to save my money, I decided not to eat out with them—which is why I begged my mother to take me somewhere once I’d arrived home. 

We ended up at the Grand Fare Market on Grand Ave in Oakland circa 9 PM just as they were coming to a close and everything was, for lack of better word, peculiarly picturesque. Seriously—imagine the perfect Parisian night spent in a stereotypical café and you’ll find images similar to that of the Grand Fare Market popping up. 


The Grand Fare Market had everything; from beautiful flowers and cute succulents to delicious meals and delectable goodies, as well as a wide range of household favorites in terms of produce and items to stock up on in the kitchen for an amazing meal. Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed by the time I’d arrived there, but that didn’t stop me—I prided myself in buying the best snickerdoodle cookies I’ve ever had. Ever. And if you’re a frequent (and involuntary) attendee off various awkward events with food and refreshments like me, then you’ll know that’s definitely saying something. 

If you live in the Bay Area or ever find yourself visiting, I recommend you go to the Grand Fare Market—you won’t regret it!



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