As much as I would love to tell everyone about how fashion savvy I am, I’m not—but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to look good just as much as the next. One of the main reasons for my fashion “un-savvyness” is the fact that I attend a Catholic school, which requires a uniform and doesn’t allow me to express myself through style. At all. 

That being said, I keep a close watch on those who do express themselves through style, and a recent trend that I’ve picked up on (and adore) is the casual white shirt worn under a not-so-casual black slip dress. 

This look is a favorite of mine for so many reasons, but the main being that this is both a day and night look—by day, you can wear it without earning crazy looks because the white t-shirt effortlessly casualizes it: 

By night, it’s both sophisticated and creative, and with a change as simple as swapping your converse for heels, your lip balm for lipstick, and your white t-shirt for a collared or slightly more sophisticated one.

But if that doesn’t work, then you could always remove the white shirt from the look completely—the slip dress has become quite the trend, too. 

You can now wake up and not change your attire one bit but still walk outside looking effortlessly chic. If not a time to be alive, then what is this? 



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